System Requirements

Recommended Minimum processor:Pentium 1-4 (200 MHZ or higher)
Recommended Minimum Memory:64 MB
Recommended Internet Access:33,000 BPS or greater
Recommended Internet Browser:Internet Explorer
Operating System:Windows 95/98/XP/ME/2000
Display:Settings 800x600 Pixels (Minimum)

Acrobat Reader is required to read all PDF (Portable Document Format) documents

To download a free copy click here:

Course Features

Describes the chapter specific objectives designed to provide the student with the general purpose of the material covered.
Provides instant access to the most relevant terms covered in the current section
Similar to the medical field, The Clinical Research Industry utilizes many abbreviations as part of the common language. This feature provides the student with the important Acronyms covered in the current section.
Each section contains various diagrams, tables, and formatted PDF documents. This feature allows the student instant access to each illustration that appears throughout the current section.
Allows the student to go directly to the summary of the current section.
This takes the student back to the Table of Contents.
Provides access to the review of all previous chapters.
Provides additional reference material, glossary, and acronyms.
Provides help and guidance during the online course access.

Review Sections

Each chapter is comprised of sections. The review section contains the chapter summaries of each chapter section. The key terms and acronyms are combined from all sections. All chapter illustrations are available under the illustration feature. The purpose of this section is to review important points of each chapter prior to testing.


A 30-minute, 25 question multiple choice quiz will proceed each chapter. A passing score of 18 correct (72%) answers is required to pass this quiz. Once the student passes, he or she proceeds to the next chapter. Access to the proceeding chapter is not granted until a passing score is met. Failure to obtain a passing score requires the student to retake the quiz until the passing score is met, which may occur several times.

The purpose of this testing process is to ensure each student has acquired sufficient knowledge of the online course material before engaging in the advanced case studies and exercises held in the classroom “Training” portion of the ‘Fundamentals of Clinical Research’ course.

PDF Documents

PDF Documents (Portable Document Format) are utilized throughout the online course. Acrobat reader is required to read these documents (You can download this for free).

The PDF documents may consist of multiple pages, which may be viewed by scrolling through the document. Many of the PDF documents contain annotations embedded within the document consisting of helpful information to navigate through the document.

The Notes Symbol: indicates notes are present. To read the note just double-click on the symbol in the document. The notes will pop up and can be closed by left clicking in the upper left corner.

Acrobat reader is required for printable registration form.

Macromedia Flash

Flash is required to view many of the figures in this course. If your Internet browser does not have the Macromedia Flash plugin, you will be prompted to install it. Make sure to click "OK" when the installation box appears.


Any text in blue that does not have an underline is a pop-up. Pop-ups contain additional information about a word or phrase, and will appear when you move your mouse over the blue text. You do not need to click on the word or phrase.

Figure Icon

Below is a picture of a grey bar that is used throughout the course to indicate there is a figure available. Clicking on the grey bar will bring you to the figure. Figures are also accessible from the Features Icon (explained above).
Standard Figure Link

Contacting Medical Research Management

Please notify MRM if you encounter any problem during this course.

For technical problems with this course, please log in and then use our Technical Support Form. If you can't log in, please email MRM at Include your User ID and phone number and briefly describe the nature of the problem.

If you have a question about the course content, please e-mail MRM at In the e-mail please state the following:

  • Chapter & section location of the content of your question.
  • Your specific question in detail.
  • Your name, phone number and best time to call.

Someone from MRM will respond to your question, by email or phone, within 48 hours.

Remember, all question can be answered during the classroom training portion of the program. Please limit the emailed questions to those that need to be answered during the online course portion of the program.